Rotisserie Chicken- Pollard's Chicken
Photo Courtesy of Patrick Evans-Hylton

Each year, January comes around to bring us a fresh start. For most of us, that means making new goals and resolutions including a plan to eat healthier and take care of ourselves. Pollard's is no exception! Our menu has more than just fried chicken and we are proud to offer healthier options for our local patrons. 

Patrick Evans-Hylton, a writer for the Virginian-Pilot, recently stopped by our Great Bridge Pollard's Chicken location (717 Battlefield Blvd South) and tested out our healthy menu item - our fresh cooked rotisserie chicken. 

"When I was in Pollard’s recently, I was happy to see a roasted chicken offering. I selected a quarter roasted white meat chicken (dark meat is also available), which came with two veggies and a corn muffin. Score.

My quarter chicken piece was very large – more than satisfactory for a tasty dinner and cooked perfectly. The skin was crisp and seasoned just right – forget the Colonel’s blend of herbs and spices, these were much more satisfactory. To be honest, I didn’t miss that crispy, flaky coating that you find on fried chicken. Of course I will order fried chicken again in the future, but this offering will be first and foremost on my radar when I go to Pollard’s.

And the side dishes were also delicious. I was happy to see so many vegetable offerings that resonated with my childhood; mixed greens (think collards), green beans, baked beans, mac and cheese, and more." - Patrick Evans-Hylton, Virginian-Pilot 

See Patrick's full review of his Pollard's restaurant experience for more (here).

Our roasted chicken, or "rotisserie chicken" on the menu, can be ordered with dark or white meat, as well as multiple different quantities. All rotisserie meals come with 2 of our delicious sides and fresh made corn muffins. 

Stop in and pick some up at all 9 of our locations in Hampton Roads - Great Bridge (Chesapeake), Ballentine & Tidewater (Norfolk), George Washington Highway (Portsmouth), and London Bridge, Kempsville, Buckner, Woods Corner, & College Park (Virginia Beach). 

Have you tried our rotisserie chicken? Let us know what you think!